Blood 2019

Date: Saturday 19th October.
Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
To ensure you are eligible, please click here to view a list of criteria.

Haematology training programs cover laboratory and clinical medicine, with a near complete focus, on clinical problem solving and treatment. The trainee day program will include talks from local haematologists and invited speakers on topics including Platelet Dysfunction and Transfusion Management, Hodgkin Disease, Drug Access and the Quality use of therapeutics in the context of T cell lymphoproliferative Disorders and the eviQ Community. Clinical material while exploring management and the use of therapeutics will also provide insights into academic paper writing, private practice care delivery and the development of overseas fellowship programs, as a way to assist the trainee transition into the consultant role.  

The program aims to present clinical topics while fostering the adoption of alternate perspectives. The program will introduce concepts pertaining to choice, opportunity, action, brand, community, knowledge and perseverance. Aspects of neuroscience, threats and rewards, and the impact on effective communication and collaboration will also be introduced.

As a novel initiative, the Trainee mini-pitch has been introduced into the Trainee Day program. Trainees will have the opportunity to pitch a research or training project idea or concept in a three minute presentation. The format of the pitch is open to the discretion of the trainee. Trainees presenting posters at the Blood2019 meeting may choose to pitch their poster content. Alternatively, trainees may choose to present using 3 -4 slides or present free of the burden of props!

HSANZ Trainee Day Program

8:30 Arrival and Registration  
Session 1 Delivering Better Outcomes Part 1  
8:45 Introduction  
8:55 Platelet Dysfunction and Transfusion Management  Dr Paul Kruger  
9:20 Introduction to Mindset  Carolyn Williams 
10:30 Morning Tea  
Session 2  Delivering Better Outcomes Part 2  
10:45 Hodgkin Disease Management – A German Perspective  Dr Melita Cirillo
11:10 Drug Access and The Quality use of Therapeutics  Dr Dejan Radeski
11:35 EvIQ - Where Evidence and Consensus meet to Improve Outcomes  Ms Liesel Byrne 
11:50 Lunch  
Session 3 Communicating to influence others  
12:30 Communication and Collaboration, Threats and Reward Andrea Lloyd
14:15 Trainee Mini-Pitch Moderators: Melita Cirillo, Annalise Martin, Sung-Kai Chiu, Hun Chuah
15:00 Close / Afternoon Tea